Tsun Dog, Electric Caveman, Divided Wisdom

The Olympic, 1009 Main St (Above Mulligans) , Boise, Idaho

The Olympic Presents: Tsun Dog, Electric Caveman, Divided Wisdom

$5 admission

Tsun Dog Tsun Dog brings a new twist to the rock genre. Soulful storytelling from warrior poets, artists, and the common man to brighten your day. We all need a little sun.

a 6 piece Rock band from Boise with influences spanning many decades of rock, blues, folk, and soul. The band formed in December 2015 as a project of passion and peace by founding members John Hughes on guitar and front man Kevin Mcdonald as a collaboration of songwriting and playful fun. Michael Sheehan joining the group on bass shortly after in March 2016 and blessed with the addition of Chris Johnson on drums shortly afterward. Searching for that extra something, Burke Hopkins joined in April 2016, bringing a mandolin, harmonica, and native american flutes. Jessica Rhodes Formally joined Tsun Dog in the studio and on stage on February 22nd 2017.





Electric Caveman Getting prehistoric in a place now known as boises Idaho. Premordial dudes Neanderthal blues/rock.

A 3 piece rock band out of Boise, Electric Caveman takes you back to a time when the world was new and giant hairy beasts roamed the land! close your eyes while the caveman paints a sonic landscape on his cave wall! Electric Caveman ....Its prehistoric. .....Its from outta space. .......Its in yo car. .......its ehry place. Blues//Rock//Weirdfolk

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Cavemonger/

soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/zach-guthmille…/live-the-bomb-shelter

Divided Wisdom Guitar/vocals- Hunter Denning Drums- Dillon Carey

Formed in Great Falls, Montana In November of 2015

Based in Boise, Idaho